Getting Started with ORCID

Creating a persistent, automatically updated record of your scholarly work

3. Using your ORCID iD

The most important thing to do with an ORCID iD is use it! If available, include your ORCID iD for:

  • Manuscript submissions
  • Grant applications
  • Peer reviews
  • Online profiles

Display your iD

Add the link to your ORCID iD on any of your public presences to help others find your research and accomplishments. Be sure to include the full URL, so others can easily navigate to your page. For example: Possibilities include:

  • CV or resume
  • Email signature
  • Social media accounts like LinkedIn
  • Research profiles like Scopus
  • Business cards

Ways to display your iD

Your ORCID account page shows your full ORCID iD, as well as links for ways to display your profile:
ORCID account profile with links to display your iD, print your profile, or create a QR code.

  1. To display your iD as a link on a webpage, click the "Display your iD" link to get a chunk of code you can paste into a webpage. Alternatively, in Word or on a website, you can select any text and turn it into a link - just enter the full URL of your iD as the link. Remember to include the "https://"!
  2. Create a printer-friendly view of your account by clicking the link for "Public record print view." This will open a new page that you can print, or save as a PDF.
  3. Generate a QR code - click the link for "Get a QR Code" to create an image you can use in printed materials. Individuals can scan the image with their phone to go directly to your ORCID profile.

Stay informed

As ORCID iD adoption grows, so will its capabilities. Check out some of these resources to learn more about using your ORCID iD.